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High quality battery for HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF - 4400mAh,6 cells

This brand new 4400mAh(6 cells) replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery is made with high quality cells from SANYO. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications. This battery is not compatible with HP Mini 210-1000, 210-2000 series laptops.

Condition :
Brand New, Replacement
Chemistry :
Color :
Voltage :
Cells :
6 cells
Capacity :
Size :
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Note : 1. 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use. 2. These batteries are not compatible with HP Mini 210-1000, Mini 210-2000 series laptops.
Choose one high quality replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery to enhance the performance of your laptop! Our brand new 4400mAh replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery are made with high quality cells from SANYO. All our replacement HP laptop batteries have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 etc.) and passed through strict safety testing, we guaranteed all batteries for HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF are high performance, long-life and safety, 100% OEM compatible with the original specification( size etc.), no memory effect. Furthermore, our replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF batteries are produced by eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury.
Thank you order the high quality replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery at, before placing an order please to make sure the model(or part number) of this Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery can compatible for your HP laptop, you can compare your old battery to our product pictures. We will check every Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery's functions one by one carefully before shipping them out to make sure every function works well,since we understand the annoyances of dealing with defective products.

Compatible Part Numbers

  • 646656-121
  • 646656-141
  • 646656-142
  • 646656-241
  • 646656-242
  • 646656-251
  • 646656-252
  • 646656-421
  • 646656-851
  • 646657-121
  • 646657-141
  • 646657-142
  • 646657-241
  • 646657-242
  • 646657-251
  • 646657-252
  • 646657-421
  • 646657-851
  • 646755-001
  • 646757-001
  • A2Q96AA
  • LV953AA#ABB
  • LV953AA
  • MT03
  • MT03028
  • MT06
  • MT06055
  • MT06055-CL
  • MTO3
  • MTO6
  • TPN-Q101
  • TPN-Q102

Fit Laptop Models

  • Pavilion DM1-4300EC
  • Pavilion DM1-4300EJ
  • Pavilion DM1-4300EN
  • Pavilion DM1-4300ER
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SA
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SB
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SG
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SN
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SR
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SW
  • Pavilion DM1-4300SX
  • Pavilion DM1-4301AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4301SO
  • Pavilion DM1-4302AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4302EP
  • Pavilion DM1-4302SP
  • Pavilion DM1-4303AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4303EP
  • Pavilion DM1-4303SD
  • Pavilion DM1-4303SP
  • Pavilion DM1-4304AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4305AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4305EN
  • Pavilion DM1-4306AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4307AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4308AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4309AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4310AU
  • Pavilion DM1-4310EW
  • Pavilion DM1-4310EZ
  • Pavilion DM1-4310NR
  • Pavilion DM1-4310SW
  • Pavilion DM1-4322EZ
  • Pavilion DM1-4330SF
  • Pavilion DM1-4332SF
  • Pavilion DM1-4333SF
  • Pavilion DM1-4340SF
  • Pavilion DM1-4341EA
  • Pavilion DM1-4341SA
  • Pavilion DM1-4351SS
  • Pavilion DM1-4373SD

Some tips for the replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery using

  1. Please charge 8-12 hours the brand new replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery for the first time use(Don't care about the "fully charged" tips after just 1-2 hours), normally require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
  2. Try to avoid frequent full battery discharges. Avoid heat, heat is the Li-ion battery's enemy.
  3. A charged replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.
  4. If you don't plan on using your replacement HP Pavilion DM1-4332SF battery for prolonged periods of time, you should remove it from the laptop and store it in an Anti-Static bag and in a dry, cool place. Make sure it keep 40 - 80% charge and highly recommended to charge it at least once a month. On the other hand, if the charge is too low, the battery can become permanently unusable, due to battery self discharge
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