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High quality battery for HP NP03XL - 43Wh,3 cells

This brand new 43Wh(3 cells) replacement HP NP03XL battery is made with high quality cells from SANYO. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.

Condition :
Brand New, Replacement
Chemistry :
Color :
Voltage :
Cells :
3 cells
Capacity :
Size :
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Note : 11.1V and 11.4V are compatible, they are in common use.
Choose one high quality replacement HP NP03XL battery to enhance the performance of your laptop! Our brand new 43Wh replacement HP NP03XL battery are made with high quality cells from SANYO. All our replacement HP laptop batteries have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 etc.) and passed through strict safety testing, we guaranteed all batteries for HP NP03XL are high performance, long-life and safety, 100% OEM compatible with the original specification( size etc.), no memory effect. Furthermore, our replacement HP NP03XL batteries are produced by eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury.
Thank you order the high quality replacement HP NP03XL battery at, before placing an order please to make sure the model(or part number) of this NP03XL battery can compatible for your HP laptop, you can compare your old battery to our product pictures. We will check every NP03XL battery's functions one by one carefully before shipping them out to make sure every function works well,since we understand the annoyances of dealing with defective products.
Battery for HP NP03XL laptopBattery for HP NP03XL laptop Battery for HP NP03XL laptop

Compatible Part Numbers

  • 760944-421(3ICP6/60/80)
  • 760944-421
  • 760944-541
  • 761230-005
  • NP03XL
  • TPN-Q146
  • TPN-Q147
  • TPN-Q148
  • TPN-Q149

Fit Laptop Models

  • Envy 15 X360
  • Envy X360 15-U000EW
  • Envy X360 15-U000NA
  • Envy X360 15-U000NC
  • Envy X360 15-U000NS
  • Envy X360 15-U000NX
  • Envy X360 15-U001NA
  • Envy X360 15-U001NG
  • Envy X360 15-U001NL
  • Envy X360 15-U001XX
  • Envy X360 15-U002NF
  • Envy X360 15-U002XX
  • Envy X360 15-U005NO
  • Envy X360 15-U010DX
  • Envy X360 15-U011DX
  • Envy X360 15-U025ND
  • Envy X360 15-U030ND
  • Envy X360 15-U032NG
  • Envy X360 15-U050CA
  • Envy X360 15-U050ER
  • Envy X360 15-U050SR
  • Envy X360 15-U060NB
  • Envy X360 15-U060NZ
  • Envy X360 15-U061NZ
  • Envy X360 15-U070NB
  • Envy X360 15-U070NG
  • Envy X360 15-U081NA
  • Envy X360 15-U100NG
  • Envy X360 15-U100NR
  • Envy X360 15-U100NT
  • Envy X360 15-U100NX
  • Envy X360 15-U101NE
  • Envy X360 15-U101NQ
  • Envy X360 15-U101NS
  • Envy X360 15-U101NX
  • Envy X360 15-U110DX
  • Envy X360 15-U111DX
  • Envy X360 15-U111NF
  • Envy X360 15-U170CA
  • Envy X360 15-U171NZ
  • Envy X360 15-U200NA
  • Envy X360 15-U200NC
  • Envy X360 15-U201NQ
  • Envy X360 15-U201NT
  • Envy X360 15-U202NA
  • Envy X360 15-U203NA
  • Envy X360 15-U203NK
  • Envy X360 15-U205NA
  • Envy X360 15-U209NX
  • Envy X360 15-U210NX
  • Envy X360 15-U231ND
  • Envy X360 15-U231NO
  • Envy X360 15-U232ND
  • Envy X360 15-U240ND
  • Envy X360 15-U250UR
  • Envy X360 15-U252NA
  • Envy X360 15-U252SA
  • Envy X360 15-U310NR
  • Envy X360 15-U337CL
  • Envy X360 15-U363CL
  • Envy X360 15-U399NR
  • Envy X360 15-U400
  • Envy X360 15-U410NR
  • Envy X360 15-U437CL
  • Envy X360 15-U473CL
  • Envy X360 15-U483CL
  • Envy X360 15-U493CL
  • Envy X360 15-U499NR
  • Pavilion 13 X360
  • Pavilion X360 13-A000EJ
  • Pavilion X360 13-A000NC
  • Pavilion X360 13-A000NIA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A000NL
  • Pavilion X360 13-A000NX
  • Pavilion X360 13-A001NS
  • Pavilion X360 13-A002NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A004AU
  • Pavilion X360 13-A005NF
  • Pavilion X360 13-A006NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A010DX
  • Pavilion X360 13-A010LA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A012CL
  • Pavilion X360 13-A012DX
  • Pavilion X360 13-A013CL
  • Pavilion X360 13-A019WM
  • Pavilion X360 13-A020ND
  • Pavilion X360 13-A020NR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A021NR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A030ND
  • Pavilion X360 13-A040CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A040NZ
  • Pavilion X360 13-A041CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A048CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A050CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A050NB
  • Pavilion X360 13-A050SQ
  • Pavilion X360 13-A051NG
  • Pavilion X360 13-A051SR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A052NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A058CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A068CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A071NG
  • Pavilion X360 13-A072NR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A080NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A081NR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A085NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A087NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A088NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A089NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A090SA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A091NR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A092SA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A093NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A100NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A100NE
  • Pavilion X360 13-A100NIA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A100NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A100NQ
  • Pavilion X360 13-A103NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A103NX
  • Pavilion X360 13-A105NX
  • Pavilion X360 13-A110DX
  • Pavilion X360 13-A113CL
  • Pavilion X360 13-A120LA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A133CA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A136NZ
  • Pavilion X360 13-A150NC
  • Pavilion X360 13-A150NG
  • Pavilion X360 13-A150NR
  • Pavilion X360 13-A151NC
  • Pavilion X360 13-A155CL
  • Pavilion X360 13-A173NG
  • Pavilion X360 13-A185NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A186NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A187NO
  • Pavilion X360 13-A201TU
  • Pavilion X360 13-A202NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A203NA
  • Pavilion X360 13-A317CL
  • Pavilion X360 13Z-A000

Some tips for the replacement HP NP03XL battery using

  1. Please charge 8-12 hours the brand new replacement HP NP03XL battery for the first time use(Don't care about the "fully charged" tips after just 1-2 hours), normally require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
  2. Try to avoid frequent full battery discharges. Avoid heat, heat is the Li-ion battery's enemy.
  3. A charged replacement HP NP03XL battery will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.
  4. If you don't plan on using your replacement HP NP03XL battery for prolonged periods of time, you should remove it from the laptop and store it in an Anti-Static bag and in a dry, cool place. Make sure it keep 40 - 80% charge and highly recommended to charge it at least once a month. On the other hand, if the charge is too low, the battery can become permanently unusable, due to battery self discharge
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