High quality battery for HP 17-BY2437NG - 41.9Wh,3 cells

replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery
Product Safety Certification

41.9Wh 3 cells Battery for HP 17-BY2437NG

This brand new 41.9Wh(3 cells) replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery is made with high quality cells from SANYO. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.

  • SKUUSH1071
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage11.55V
  • Capacity41.9Wh
  • Number of Cells3 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-Polymer
  • ColorBlack
  • Size*mm (L x W x H)
  • Warranty12 months
  • AvailabilityIn stock
Note : 11.55V and 11.4V are compatible, they are in common use.
Product Features
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High quality

Choose one high-quality replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery to enhance the performance of your laptop! Our brand new replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery is made with high-quality cells from SANYO. All our replacement HP laptop batteries have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002, etc.) and passed through strict safety testing, we guarantee all batteries for HP 17-BY2437NG are high performance, long-life, and safety, 100% OEM compatible with the original specification( size, etc.), no memory effect. Furthermore, our replacement HP 17-BY2437NG batteries are produced from eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury.

Thank you for ordering the high-quality replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery at HPLaptopBattery.us, before you place an order please make sure the model(or part number) of this 17-BY2437NG battery is compatible with your HP laptop, you can compare your old battery to our product pictures. We will check every 17-BY2437NG battery's functions one by one carefully before shipping them out to make sure every function works well since we understand the annoyances of dealing with defective products.


1. We offer a one-year warranty on our High-Quality replacement HP 17-BY2437NG batteries.

2. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our replacement HP 17-BY2437NG batteries.

3. We are guaranteed 100% compatible with original products, lasting longer, and 100% safe to use.

4. We are sure that all sold merchandise is brand new, we will check all the batteries before delivery. If you receive a defective or faulty battery, we guarantee a full refund or are free to send one for replacement.

5. Best quality products at the best price with the best after-sales service, if you have any questions or feedback about our replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery please contact us directly, and our customer service will reply to you within 24 hours.

Some tips for the replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery using

1. Please charge 8-12 hours the brand new replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery for the first time use(Don't care about the "fully charged" tips after just 1-2 hours), normally require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.

2. Try to avoid frequent full battery discharges. Avoid heat, heat is the Li-ion battery's enemy.

3. A charged replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.

4. If you don't plan on using your replacement HP 17-BY2437NG battery for prolonged periods of time, you should remove it from the laptop and store it in an Anti-Static bag and in a dry, cool place. Make sure it keep 40 - 80% charge and highly recommended to charge it at least once a month. On the other hand, if the charge is too low, the battery can become permanently unusable, due to battery self discharge.

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Can the battery be returned if it is defective? Do these batteries cover a warranty?

Sure. We support a 30-day no-questions-asked return and 12-month warranty policy! This policy gives you more options within 30 days of purchasing the HP 17-BY2437NG replacement battery. The 12-month warranty policy protects you as a consumer by giving you access to free repairs or replacements for faulty products within one year of purchasing the HP laptop replacement battery from the HPlaptopbattery.us store. This policy also emphasizes the high level of confidence that the HPlaptopbattery.us store has in the performance and quality of its products.

What is the capacity of these batteries? How long do these batteries last?

Battery capacity is an important measure of a battery's ability to store energy and is usually expressed in milliampere hours (mAh). You can find out the exact capacity of a battery by looking at the product information for Capacity. A battery with more capacity usually means a longer battery life, as it indicates that the battery can provide more energy to power the device. However, battery capacity is not the only factor that affects battery life; other factors such as the power consumption of the device, the optimized battery management system, and the type of battery can also affect range performance.

What are the precautions when replacing the HP 17-BY2437NG laptop replacement battery?

1. Before replacing your reliable HP 17-BY2437NG replacement battery, be sure to turn off your laptop and unplug the power adapter. This will help prevent accidental current flow or battery damage.

2. When replacing the efficient HP 17-BY2437NG laptop replacement battery for the first time, install the new battery into the laptop and connect the power adapter, then charge the battery to a full state to ensure that the battery can provide the best performance.

3. After completing the battery replacement, be sure to update your laptop's firmware and drivers to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.